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11/10-17   -   Press releases

Minimalist loft design continues to thrive in design world

New York's prestigious style of the 1960s continues to resurge in many creations of present-day designers. Sixties introduced cutting-edge fashion and rebellious trends in home decoration. This iconic type of décor, skilfully promoted by TV dramas like Mad Men, merges today with crude and industrial look, so popular in the Irish interior design market.

Feather and Burl is at the forefront of promoting this strong, urban look. Their style incorporates raw materials to give the space a daring, almost masculine feel. “The main vision behind our collection for this season is to let the quality do the talking” – says Rafal Smyczynski, CEO of Feather and Burl.

Feather and Burl’s soft furniture relies on highest quality fabrics and leathers. Their hard pieces combine thick slabs of timber with industrial grade metal and even concrete. Surprisingly, such combination successfully marries the rough factory style with an alluring look found in European metropolitan apartments.

“Our products move away from typical loft aesthetics and migrate towards fashionable salons of Amsterdam, Paris or New York. We have kept the multifunctional aspect of our furniture in line with the industrial trends but gave it a prouder, more prominent look” – continues Smyczynski. “We have expressed this change through a number of pieces in our collection”.
Feather and Burl’s Montana three-seater sofa with its mid-century urban line is already a timeless classic. Similarly, luxurious Bombarda four-seater evokes the bold and masculine look of the sixties in New York.
“We recognize that today’s customer wants furniture that creates an ambiance, maximizes storage space and adds a uniqueness to their home”. Maye coffee table offered by Feather and Burl responds to these expectations in a playful way without compromising the style endorsed by the brand.

Many characteristics of Feather and Burl’s line remain a clever hybrid of two design languages: industrial and rich. A good example of this mix is the Cape Town dining table. It embraces quality raw materials such as Acacia hardwood and steel while preserving a strong yet balanced look.

“Our furniture is not for the shy” summarises the brand Smyczynski. “We stand for a mix of bold, urban sturdiness and a prestigious yet toned look. We hope our vision will positively resonate with Dubliners”.

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   +353 01 442 08 46

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