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14/09-22   -   Press releases

Why every cleaning company in UK should know about this Danish software

A management software to improve the workflow of approximately 5%* of the UK workforce has finally crossed the British borders all the way from Denmark. The team behind the software aims to improve the productivity of cleaning companies, which have become increasingly more significant for society since the emergence of the COVID-19 virus.

The software called CleanManager is developed by the same named company, and originates from Denmark, where it has been on the market for almost 12 years. CleanManager first started exporting to Germany and has now finally entered the British market. A development that has the potential to change the cleaning industry significantly.

Whereas many European companies seem to find the British Market to have become an uncertain playing field because of Brexit, the Danish team of CleanManager sees much potential in the UK.

According to the British Cleaning Council’s 2022 Research Report, more than 69,000 cleaning business operated in the UK in 2021. This makes it not only one of the ten largest workforces in the UK, but also a perfect target group for new innovators like CleanManager.

The co-owner of CleanManager, Frantz Furrer states that “The UK market is very similar to the Danish cleaning industry, and has even more similarities compared to Germany, e.g. types of cleaning tasks. Our software is already translated to English, and both our support and sales team are ready to help our British customers.”

To assure a smooth transition for new British customers, system integrations between CleanManager and several well-known accounting software applications such as Xero, Intuit QuickBooks, Sage and Dynamics 365 Business Central have been established.

Why specialise in a software for an industry that is not necessarily dependent on using technology? Is there really a need to use digital tools in the cleaning sector?
Even small cleaning businesses have discovered that using digital tools like management software can increase productivity by reducing time waste and costs in the workflow, e.g. paperwork, typing errors and time-consuming administrative tasks.

CleanManager was founded by Frantz Furrer and Jakob Witte Larsen. Both studied informatics and while Furrer worked a side job as a cleaning assistant, he noticed how much time was wasted planning tasks manually. The two students decided to develop a software solution and founded the company CleanManager, which today has more than 8000 active users and are market leading in Denmark.

The owners of CleanManager have great expectations to the British market, and are looking forward to entering new markets in the future to help cleaning companies achieve an easier everyday life worldwide.

*)British Cleaning Council - The Cleaning, Hygiene and Waste Industry, Research Report 2022 by Gwenn Winters

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British Cleaning Council Research Report 2022


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