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19/04-12   -   Press releases

Glass signs offer new design possibilities

Modulex has launched a new series of glass signs that step back and let the building details come into their own. The series is called Macer Glass and the graphical options are numerous.

“You can design a decoration on the back of the glass and apply foil text on the front", Erik Gregersen, Business Unit Manager at Modulex, explains.
“When using both sides of the sign, you will obtain an effect of depth that is not possible with signs made of for instance aluminium."
You can also put foil between the two layers of glass. Foil is available in different variants from light transparent to all mat which enables you to work creatively with different degrees of transparency.

Modulex print on glass
Macer Glass is available with text, pictograms and graphic decorations in foil. It is also possible to print directly on the glass to avoid using foil. “This technology is called print-on-panel. All that can be printed on paper can be printed directly on the glass in the same high quality."

Easy updating of signs
The Macer Glass series is covering any need for signs in a building. “The series comprises table signs, wall signs and suspended signs. Macer Glass is also available as Paperflex. The text is printed on paper or transparencies that are placed between the glass layers."
This is particularly suitable for meeting rooms where different groups or committees have meetings. In such cases the information on the signs needs frequent updating.

Tempered glass provides security
Macer Glass is made of tempered glass that is ten times stronger than ordinary glass. “The glass signs can be shattered if hit extremely hard, but the glass pieces are harmless."

Macer Glass is sustainable
Raw materials for glass are available in unlimited quantities. Glass is therefore a sustainable material that does not eat into the resources of the world. “And the recycling systems for glass are well-organized in most parts of the world. It is easy to get rid of the signs that can be melted and recycled", Erik Gregersen concludes.

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