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24/09-12   -   Press releases

Creative visualisation of brand concept

Brand On, the international brand roll out team at Danish signage specialist Modulex, has brought Doosan Power Systems HQ to life.

Doosan Power Systems is a subsidiary of Doosan Corporation, the Korean industrial conglomerate which today employs over 38,000 people in 34 countries. Combining expertise in boilers, pollution control and steam turbines, Doosan Power Systems is a world leader in the construction and maintenance of power plants.

Moving into a new global HQ in Crawley, UK, has provided Doosan Power Systems with an opportunity to use the premises as a canvas on which to express its culture and celebrate the diversity of its activities.

Guided by a central concept known as “Powerscape" and, working in collaboration with the Doosan brand management team and their brand consultants, Brand On has developed a system of environmental graphics for application to the walls and glazed partitions of the reception and visitor meeting areas of the HQ building.

Dedicated teamwork has transformed a neutral interior into the convincing visual expression and spiritual home of the Doosan Power Systems global family. And experienced project management and painstaking installation have achieved it on time and on budget.

The challenge was to create the right expression not only by relying on visual means alone but to devise a solution which could be extended to the other sites in the Doosan Power Systems worldwide network. It had to be scaleable, flexible and cost-effective.

As Brian Morgan, Global Brand Manager at Doosan Power System tells, the Brand On team managed that successfully; “Having a fantastic new creative concept for internal environment branding is one thing, bringing it to life is another. Brand On´s role was to do this and bring scale and impact to the execution of the new ´Powerscape´ concept. I could not have asked for a better outcome. The installation at our global head office will now be the template to be rolled out across our other offices."

Pioneered in the retail sector but increasingly used in other sectors, the environmental graphic, the large-scale deployment of visual material in interiors, is providing brand managers with a potent new tool. With access to the world-class expertise of the parent company, Modulex, people at Brand On are in a unique position to help clients bring their space to life. Just ask the people at Doosan.

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