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14/12-12   -   Press releases

Cross Sector Innovation generates Creative Wealth

Traditional sectors transform and new sectors arise. In spite of the financial crisis, the cultural and creative sectors are growing and economists have long ago recognized that a workforce with creative competencies will have an increasing impact on the value creation in all societies. The already known ways of creating value in society and in business life are changing.

One of the critical challenges for this growth is the creation of cross synergies between the cultural and creative industries and the traditional business industries. On that occasion, the conference “Creative Wealth – policy making in the field of cultural and creative industries" has just been performed in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Europe’s leading experts, politicians and initiators were gathered in Copenhagen to exchange experiences on innovation and interaction across businesses and industries.

There was a lively debate on how political actions and strategy could motivate traditional industries to cooperate with creative and cultural industries and vice versa. Experience from Europe and abroad prove that new innovative products and concepts arise when such cooperation takes place.

End of this summer, world-leading signage producer Modulex completed a fruitful and successful cooperation with the creative company Playscapes and the software company Redia regarding the development of Chromalex, an innovative healing-art product. The team behind the development of Chromalex was invited as guest speaker at the above-mentioned conference.

The development of Chromalex was pointed out as an evident example of what a constructive cooperation across sectors may result in. The three companies have each contributed with core competencies having resulted in a product characterized by a high level of innovation and new thinking.

Chromalex has earlier this year proved its reason for existence when the product received the Experience Economy’s counterpart to the Oscar statuette the “Lily Award 2012" by the innovation network Invio.

The conference was organized by CKO (Center for Cultural and Experience Economy) in cooperation with Øresundskomiteen (the Political Collaboration in the Öresund Region), the innovation network Invio, KreaNord and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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