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19/12-12   -   Press releases

Modulex is now a 3M MCS Certified Manufacturer

Leading signage provider Modulex has been awarded with 3M´s highest level of certification. It has strengthened the company skills within the increasingly requested area of foil and environmental graphics.

In an ongoing effort to offer customers the best products and the best service employees at the Danish signage company Modulex have just completed a 3M course. 3M is the world’s leading manufacturer of quality foil and graphic applications for promo and brand profiling.

The course included qualifying information about material knowledge and mounting and the participants passed with distinction. As a certified 3M MCS manufacturer, Modulex is now able to deliver end products with 3M’s most comprehensive total guarantee. The guarantee does among other things ensure that all direct costs in connection with claims are covered.

Pioneered in the retail sector but increasingly used in other sectors, the environmental graphic, the large-scale deployment of visual material in interiors and exteriors is providing brand managers, designers and architects with a potent new tool.

Modulex has many years of experience with foil solutions of all kinds. No matter if customer wants to decorate their interior, a shop facade or a car, Modulex is able to solve the task – easy and cheap.

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