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12/02-13   -   Press releases

Growing demand in The Land of Opportunity

Facing positive growth opportunities leading signage provider Modulex is strengthening its position in North America.

“We have been active in US and Canada for several years and despite the macro economic turmoil and worries about the fiscal cliff, we´ve seen a slow but steady increase in demand throughout the years," says CEO of Modulex Søren Bendt. “The pendulum is definitely shifting towards an ongoing positive development and we still consider USA as The Land of Opportunity," Søren adds.

Apart from the regions´ improved macro-economic conditions business opportunities, include the latest release of a new and lean signage dealer concept called Optima, a concept that has been developed in partnership with FASTSIGNS, a franchisor with more than 400 retail locations in the US and a total of 530 worldwide. On top of that Modulex has strengthened its presence by the appointment of a new Sales Director.

Welcoming a new face in North America
As of early February Modulex´ sales activities in North America will be managed by Ketil Mølbach, a newly assigned Sales Director.
“Similar to other markets we believe that personal presence is essential and of highest importance if we are to maintain a strong partnership and develop the market to the benefits of everyone. We see the employment of Ketil as a vital step uplifting that ambition in the North American region", Søren states.

New appointed Ketil is not an unfamiliar face at Modulex. He actually started his career at Modulex in Norway back in 2001 and went on working for Modulex in Denmark, England and US in the period from 2004 to 2007. Back then Ketil was highly involved in sales of digital solutions.
Since then Ketil has lived in Barcelona, from where he has worked for Italian and Norwegian companies. He is native Norwegian, his wife is Mexican and he has as mentioned lived in a number of countries around the world. He is a true World Citizen.

Ketil highlights his expectations to the future potential; “This is an amazing business opportunity which triggers me a lot! The industry holds enormous potential if you put together the right team of people and companies. Modulex´ strengths are its proven track record, high quality signage solutions, and brand name. This combination puts Modulex in an enviable position not only to realize the industry potential but also to lead strategic alliances to seize opportunities."

The region´s former Area Sales Manager Kim Schrøder will at the same time return to Modulex HQ in Denmark, where he will take on the task of managing Optima as well as supporting and elevating digital sales worldwide.

For further information feel free to contact Ketil Mølbach ( or Kim Schrøder (

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