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08/02-13   -   Press releases

Optima – a lean and new signage dealer concept

2012 saw Modulex, leading Scandinavian Signage provider, establish a fast-growing signage dealer concept called Optima in the UK, Norway and Denmark.

The concept has quickly proven its reason for existence and dealers are already spread throughout these selected regions. In total more than 90 dealers have signed up as Optima dealer proving that Optima´s product range fill an unnoticed demand in the local signage market.

This January a similar dealer concept, called Optima US, has been launched in Northern America. In America the concept is designed to fit the needs of FASTSIGNS distributors, a group of franchise signage business with more than 400 shops in Northern America.

Optima offer a carefully selected range of the most popular interior and exterior sign products from Modulex. All signs are easy to assemble making it easy and less costly to install. In addition the concept is designed to help dealers maximize their in-house machinery; “We ship the signs in the preferred color and un-texted to the Optima dealers so they can utilize their own texting equipment" CEO Søren Bendt, Modulex, explains.

The idea
The Optima dealer concept originates from Modulex´ strategic ambition to gain access to a larger share of the locally based part of the signage business. To Modulex it involves supporting a new type of locally focused dealers who often deal with projects with a different scale and complexity compared to Modulex. The Optima concept is developed in order to support these locally focused dealers and their needs.

The new Optima dealers know their local market and the market knows them. “It is an attractive part of the marketplace which we haven´t previously addressed. The quite often restricted project size doesn´t make it feasible for us to service this kind of business directly ourselves and our existing global network of Modulex distributors aren’t active here either. So we feel very confident that the Optima concept will fill a latent gap within the signage market without reducing business opportunities for our own sales personal or our existing partners." Søren Bendt continues.

Set for further growth in 2013
As the Optima concept is released in close partnership with FASTSIGNS in Northern America we´re confident that it will fit the needs of FASTSIGNS partners and that they will embrace it and adapt it in their daily business.

“Experience from UK, Norway and Denmark tells us, that it is a demanding and serious task to develop new valuable dealer relations, although the Optima concept should be easier to absorb as it is less complex and not as extensive as other offers. We therefor see every new Optima dealer as seeds planted for the future" Søren Bendt concludes.

For more information about Optima please visit or contact Product Manager Kim Schrøder at

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