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25/02-13   -   Press releases

A brush stroke of optimism favours innovative Healing Art product

Being the winner of Experience Economy’s "Oscar", the European Lily Award 2012, obliges – also in 2013. What does future bring to Chromalex, a new and innovative healing art product acknowledged for its ability to take the experience economy into a field that is infrequently associated with experience?

It is only human to have big dreams – also when it comes to Chromalex, a pioneering and innovative healing art product launched in 2012. At Playscapes, Redia and Modulex, the three Danish partners behind the development of Chromalex, the vision is clear. First of all, it is about creating interest among the researchers who are able to see the potential in doing a thorough mapping of Chromalex’ effect on patients and their course of treatment.

"The meditative, relaxing and almost therapeutic effect that the users of Chromalex have experienced, has to be scientifically proved enabling us to say for a fact that the painting has a palliative and perhaps even curative effect," says Lea Muldtofte Olesen, Chromalex Research Trainee at Playscapes.

Chromalex is already being used at the cancer unit at the University Hospital in Odense, Denmark, where patients as well as staff have had very positive experiences with the product. Opinions and valuable experience from these people have confirmed the belief that Chromalex does make a difference in therapy.

Several research results already prove that views of nature – or pictures of nature – reduce the perception of pain. According to the research “Curative architecture" published by Danish researchers in 2009, patients who have looked at nature during therapy get less medicine.

This is one of the findings that the team behind Chromalex wants to further substantiate. Henriette Eriksen, Internationalization Trainee at Playscapes, does, however, point out that the condition of gaining researcher interest around Chromalex is exposure.

"Right now, it is essential to Chromalex to gain exposure. This means that we are working on participating in relevant conferences, fairs and events addressing topics like health and technology. We are looking very much forward to presenting Chromalex".

The optimism is unmistakable – there is every probability of Chromalex being well received by patients and researchers also in 2013. At least, the strategy is in place.

About Chromalex
Chromalex is a digital painting especially developed for the healthcare system where a patient’s frame of mind is important to his course of treatment. With calm and sliding movements, Chromalex is constantly changing and the painting is compelling contributing to create a positive abstraction with the patient.
The colours and shapes of the digital brush strokes are determined by a unique interaction form involving factors like the time of the day, the time of the year and the mutual placing of the planets. The interaction has the effect that at a given time, there will always be a close cohesion between the colours on the display and the colours in the nature. Chromalex does in this way bring nature into the individual courses of treatment leaving time for absorption and positive distraction with the patient.

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