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11/03-13   -   Press releases

Local authority builds a positive solution in challenging times

In a bold re-structuring exercise designed to improve future efficiency and cut costs, Wyre Forest District Council builds a new headquarters building to put all of its administration under one roof.

Like many of its counterparts in the UK, Wyre Forest District Council has recently been forced to make painful cuts in search of cost savings but, unlike some, it has applied a bold strategy to meet the challenge by centralising its administration in one building, a new 3,585m^2 headquarters to accommodate 200 staff previously housed on four different sites.

Designed by Broadway Malyan Architects, the new low-carbon building symbolises the council’s determination to achieve a more modern, efficient future and cost savings of as much as £500,000 a year.

Working in close collaboration with the architects, leading signage provider Modulex has developed a sign system which fully supports their aim to reflect this new beginning in the design.

The solution includes exterior branded signage and interior signs, featuring a sophisticated and eye-catching “spider-web" graphic element, a motif which finds its fullest expression in a series of striking wall graphics and manifestations.
The use of “print on panel" technology allowed the designers to develop a sophisticated graphic solution employing graduated tones in the signs.

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