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20/03-13   -   Press releases

Sculptural building invites to openness

At a closed down barracks area close to the historical town centre of Danish city Viborg, the municipality of Viborg has built a town hall with a characteristic and sculptural expression. The town hall is where the 93,400 inhabitants are meeting their local administration face to face. It was therefore essential to create an architectural end-to-end solution ensuring the citizens a positive experience.

The building is designed by Henning Larsen Architects who in a very successful way unite the municipality’s wish to let the building invite the citizens into the building and at the same time inspire to openness and involvement in close harmony with the scenery.

The six-storey building holds almost 20,000 m^2 and the conspicuous architecture contributes to creating an image of an ambitious and determined institution.

The involving and open architecture does, however, not stop at the entrance of the city hall. Having barely entered the main entrance, you are met by a sculptural and tempting atrium. In this room, the outer architecture of the town hall is melting together with the inner room creating an area of experience.

The architecture of the town hall varies from floor to floor and the staircase in the middle of the building is made with comfortable seats that can be used for informal meetings or as waiting area.

The two lowest floors are characterized by public and open accessibility whereas the four upper floors are used for more formal and confidential purposes. These conditions have had an impact on the signage as the demands for the signage are varying in line with the number of groups of people moving around in the building, their individual needs and the degree of accessibility.

Signage provider Modulex has comprehensive and leading experience with this type of projects and the company is world-leading within wayfinding, a knowledge that ensures smooth and appropriate navigation for all types of users in a building.

This was, however, not the only reason for the municipality of Viborg to select the sign solution from Modulex.
“The main reason for selecting Modulex as supplier was their design proposal. To us, it is crucial that the signage within the town hall plays up to the furnishings and the design and architecture of the town hall. It was a demand that the sign design should match the overall design impression of the town hall," says Joergen Sunesen, architectural engineer with the municipality of Viborg.

“Modulex has throughout the process been very attentive to our wishes and we have achieved a result that satisfies our wishes as well as our demands," Joergen Sunesen concludes.

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