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01/10-07   -   Press releases

New Looks for the Website of GO, the Stylish Tube Drinks!

This week GO, the stylish tube drinks, presented the new looks for its website Managing director Gustav Wenger: “Our previous website basically was supposed to be a temporary solution that, as it happens quite often, became more permanent than intended. It not a quarter as good reflected the stylish and unique image of GO as does the new design." Mr. Wenger also adds that the new website is only the first step of creating an online platform for the GO community, those daring and adventurous trend-setters who are not intimidated by the unknown and attracted by the unprecedented. This community is rapidly growing as GO is introduced to new markets at an amazingly fast speed. This year for example GO was launched in major markets like Israel and Australia.

Currently the website mainly communicates GO’s image and its background information. For the forthcoming months the release of more interactivity is scheduled, including features to track and register for GO’s unique events all around the globe.

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