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Get your own press room

Dump your New Year's resolutions and reach your goals

22-12-14 - Press releases
The Danish high altitude Mountaineer Ivan Braun urges people to save time, hassle and the disappointments with New Year's resolution, and instead use the peace of Christmas to think through your goals. This way are you much closer in achieving your goals

Sponsorship of danish mountain climber will put Stibo Systems' flag on top of Mount Everest

27-06-14 - Press releases
Genuine raw manpower and faith in himself is what it takes for danish Ivan Braun to climb Mount Everest without bottled oxygen or any use of help above base camp. If he successes he becomes the first Dane at the top without the use of bottled oxygen. The professional climber has just signed a major sponsorship deal with Stibo Systems, and this adventure will put the IT company's flag on top of Mou

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