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22-07-14 - Press releases
BeeTooBee is a new global website for businesses looking to grow - the smart way. Find clients or outsource projects online and save time and money. BeeTooBee not only challenges the way you do business, but their business model aims to use business as a driving force to challenge global social and economic imbalances.

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Jason Lorjé
Founder and owner
  +45 91 55 44 33

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In its start-up phase, BeeTooBee is registered in Denmark and is owned and managed by Jason Lorjé. Lorjé has a proven track record of innovative product management, sales and management with several multi-national companies. After experiencing first-hand just how difficult and frustrating it can be to find quality external consultants and partners the idea for BeeTooBee took root. BeeTooBee has hired the skills needed to develop the site externally. This has reduced the costs and is in line with the principal of a shared economy which Lorjé believes strongly in. That is why he is committed to sharing 20% of earnings with those in need.

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