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Fashion: Danish start-up to help out Top 3 polluting industry

16-02-17 - Press releases
The clothes that we all wear is produced by an industry among the biggest environmental sinners in the world. A Danish start-up now offers a path to increased sustainability and happier customers, introducing a cradle to cradle mind-set heavily requested by the industry.

Contact persons

Jakob Kristoffersen
CCO / Co-founder
  +45 29 44 57 94
  +45 29 44 57 94

Company profile

Claimlane got its start in Copenhagen when a team of fashion wholesaler, IT specialists and a surfer got fed up with the inefficient way complaints were handled in the local fashion scene.

They set out on a mission to create a new platform that eliminates time-wasting processes and dead ends. A world without frustration and waste of time caused by faulty products. You and your team will help make it a success.

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