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01/02-18   -   Press releases

Accelerace takes in 21 growth companies from 6 nationalities for 8-months of business acceleration

Accelerace has just accepted 21 startups for their five accelerator programs within tech, cleantech, foodtech and life sciences (biotech and medtech). The 21 startups are from Finland, Ireland, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy and Denmark and are selected from over 6’000 screened startups.

The training program has just found the next batch of trailblazing entrepreneurs. The startups have developed innovations in the field of virtual and augmented reality, e-sports, green and sustainable technologies, superfood, drone technology for agriculture, biotechnological achievements and artificial intelligence for elderly care.

Through the six to eight-month program, the companies will review and optimize all areas of their business from growing new and existing markets to sales & marketing strategies and pitch training. The entrepreneurs will also get to work with experts from some of the largest companies in their industry and have the opportunity to tap into a wide network of investors and business angels.

Designed for high-growth startups
The five industry-focused Accelerace programs are specifically designed for high-growth startups with a promising product, the right market timing, high investment potential and a strong team prepared to take off through the elite accelerator.

Accelerace was founded as one of the first accelerators in Europe in 2008, and has since then trained over 800 companies such as Trustpilot, Coinify, Actimo and The Eye Tribe. Recently Accelerace has been presented with the award as the best accelerator program in the Nordics at the Nordic Startup Awards. In early 2018, Accelerace raised a $1,7 million investment from Færch Foundation, the Danish Growth Fund and Symbion. With the investment, Accelerace aims to help even more Danish and international startups with growth and professionalization through consulting, networking and contact to major companies and investors. The goal is that over 60% of the companies raise investments during or just after graduating the accelerator program.

Meet the new companies here:

Gonio VR (Denmark) uses Virtual Reality (VR) in physiotherapy. Treatments can now rehabilitate patients more quickly, and at a cheaper cost. In addition, a number of functions have been automated, such as registration of movement and documentation.

Meeshkan (Finland) attacks the rapidly expanding market for Machine Learning Computing. Their solution is a decentralized network of private individuals' phones, consoles, computers, etc. All devices with a CPU/GPU can be used in theory and represent an affordable alternative to, for example, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Cleverbooks (Ireland) create free augmented reality for school education.
Startworks GC (Italy) has developed the game “Hunt for Gods” which is an e-sport game for Steam/laptop. Each team has 5 players and the unique is, that it can be played both in Virtual Reality (VR) and on a laptop.

Unleash (Denmark) is the title of a computer game based on a popular Warcraft 3mod. The game is created using artificial intelligence which automatically test and secure the quality of the game.


Biocover (Denmark) has developed a revolutionary technology to maximize the utility of fertilizers.

Climaid (Denmark) has a strong team with a vision to raise productivity in offices and other buildings by intelligent control of the indoor climate.

Second Sun (Denmark) has developed game-changing automated solar reflector systems for sports stadiums.


TastePlease (Denmark) is the new social dining concept which is revolutionizing the way we dine, meet and interact.

Nordisk Tang (Denmark) is a significant player within fine foods in Scandinavia. Nordisk Tang has pioneered the market for gourmet food products with seaweed as a key ingredient.

StopMyCraving (Great Britain) brings healthy Snack and drinks right to your door.

Vi. er akvavit (Denmark) is a wish to create an aquavit, that soars above everything else that is already on the market. New Nordic meets luxury liquor.

Foodhub (Denmark) is an on-demand delivery service, that delivers delicious takeaway from the best restaurants in CPH within minutes. Foodhub helps local restaurants doing deliveries, getting new customers, and making more sales, by giving restaurants partners a break from dealing with deliveries and online sales.

Helsetek (Denmark) produces dairy substitutes and plant-based products. Helsetek’s products are healthy convenience-food, e.g. based on quinoa.

Ecobotix (Denmark) is a high-tech start-up founded in 2015 with focus on the development of innovative robotic and ICT technologies with applications in agricultural cultivation.

Life Sciences

PreCure (Denmark) has developed a new and unique way of preventing work-related problems, such as muscular and joint disorders. Using sensors and biofeedback PreCure can prevent injury and improve rehabilitation in a new and unique way.

Octlight (Denmark) has developed a swept light source technology that makes it possible to take full 3D OCT images of the eye with the aim of improving early eye diagnosis and improving the sight and life quality for millions of people.

Amie (Denmark) is addressing one of the greatest issues in Science today - The Reproducibility crisis, in which scientists have found that the results of many scientific studies are difficult or impossible to replicate/reproduce on subsequent investigation. Amie has developed a highly functional knowledge platform for the connection of studies, data and research across several disciplines and makes the collection, storage and sharing of lab results seamless.

Biomcare (Denmark) offers human fecal samples for use in animal models. Biomcare facilitates the evaluation of the human gut microbiome in drug and biomarker development, as well as evaluation of new products targeting the gut microbiome.

Kara Connect (Island) is a secure telepractice platform for healthcare, education and beyond.

Sarita Caretech (Denmark) have developed a competitive and complete solution for elder care monitoring. Their product - The Pearl and Lightshouse systems allow for greater independence and outcomes for their users and reduce the burden on the eldercare workers.


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