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19/09-18 - Press releases

Audio startups, Denmark is now home to Europe’s most ambitious sound tech accelerator

Located in the heart of Denmark, Sound Hub Denmark is now ready to help startups from all over the world in their journey to become the next sound and audio superstar. And with unique facilities such as a robustness lab, listening, and power test rooms, and a speaker measurement cube the road to success has a new, sweet tune.

01/02-18 - Press releases

Accelerace takes in 21 growth companies from 6 nationalities for 8-months of business acceleration

Accelerace has just accepted 21 startups for their five accelerator programs within tech, cleantech, foodtech and life sciences (biotech and medtech). The 21 startups are from Finland, Ireland, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy and Denmark and are selected from over 6’000 screened startups.

12/01-18 - Press releases

Accelerace raises $1.7 million investment to help startups succeed

Accelerace has secured a $1.7 million investment from Færchfonden, The Danish Growth Fund and Symbion endorsing the valuable contribution Accelerace makes to the startup community. This investment will provide the additional resources Accelerace needs to expand its services to entrepreneurs. In particular, its consultancy, mentorship, access to industry experts, investors and larger corporations.

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