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12/12-21   -   Press releases

New British/Scandinavian top retro-rockband's first single ready to hit

Slade-drummer Don Powell (75) has started a new supergroup with renowned Scandinavian oldstars. Debut-single is out now, and an album on the way.

Don & The Dreamers ”Honey Don’t” – feat. Don Powell:
Don was the founder and drummer of the legendary British rock band Slade.
Until a few years ago, he was still the anchor of the newest version of the band.
A band of working-class heroes, who during the 1970s almost reached the level of The Beatles in the UK and Europe - today remembered for a number of evergreen songs such as ”Merry Xmas Everybody”, ”Cum on Feel the Noise”, ”My Oh My” and ”Far Far Away”.

Don has the Don Powell Band in UK, and recently played a gig with Ringo Starr.
Don, by some reviewers, has been called the greatest rock drummer in the world. And it’s truely hard to imagine anyone more rock-steady.
But now he was in need of something rooted more around his home in Denmark, and in his love of early rock & roll.
So when Henrik Littauer popped up at Don’s house last summer, they decided to put this new band of senior Scandinavian rockstars together, to play an updated version of rockabilly.

Honey Don’t was written by Carl Perkins and appeared on the B-Side of his 1956 release ”Blue Suede Shoes” . It was later covered by The Beatles. But this then is Don & The Dreamers updated version of ”Honey Don’t”

The Dreamers are -
Knud Møller, who was voted Denmark's best rock guitarist in 2008, and has worked with such stars as Poul Krebs, Johnny Madsen, Esther Brohus and many more - both as a musician and as producer.

Curly Erik (Krølle Erik in Danish) last year celebrated 50 years on the Danish music scene. He is a gifted blues/rockabilly singer and guitar player with five solo albums behind him, and an enormous musical network.

Helge Solberg, bass guitar and cousin of the former Norwegian prime minister, has been with a number of renowned bands and artists, including Rocazino, and played the bass on over 50 albums.

Henrik Littauer, who has been around the professional Danish/Norwegian music scene since the early 1970s, producing, filmscoring and playing with bands including Malurt.

Don &The Dreamers.

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Don Powell

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