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Get your own press room

Don releases his own "Far Far Away"

04-11-22 - Press releases
Slade founding member celebrates 50 years of the No. 1 album "Slayed" with the new band 'Don

Don Powell´s Wikings strike again

08-06-22 - Press releases
He sure is a big hero in Britain - “The Don” - original drummer and founder of the world-famous rockband Slade, which he just quite recently left, after some 50 years of glam.How could he possibly let down the UK, he loves so dearly?

New British/Scandinavian top retro-rockband's first single ready to hit

12-12-21 - Press releases
Slade-drummer Don Powell (75) has started a new supergroup with renowned Scandinavian oldstars. Debut-single is out now, and an album on the way.

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