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06/03-23   -   Press releases

Slade drummer Don Powell releases debut album

Don Powell returns to the stage with an energizing album full of powerful new interpretations of old rock classics, including the Slade fan favourite «Far Far Away».

Remarkably Don never seems to grow old. At 76, his latest project Don & The Dreamers is a firm validation of the enduring potency of Don’s drumsticks.

In his new band the former Slade drummer and founder is accompanied by a group of Nordic rock veterans. The band’s debut album will be released on March 24 under the suiting title «It’s Never Too Late To Be A Rockstar». It features 12 rejuvenated oldies, including a rocked-up version of the jazz standard «Summertime» and «For You Blue», a George Harrison evergreen.

Several of Don & The Dreamers’ releases have already caught the ears of tens of thousands of listeners around the globe. The group’s latest single, «Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood», is bound to break the top 10 on the Heritage Chart, a worldwide oldies chart, out-competing the likes of the Zombies and Bruce Springsteen.

Thus, the release of the group’s debut album is highly anticipated, as it combines modern recording and editing techniques with the old analog sound, played live in the studio. Needless to say, Don and his Dreamers can be listened to on vinyl and CD.
The album title is inspired by the slogan of an urban mission house in the world’s northernmost university city, Tromsø in Norway, where it promotes an encouraging worldview among the mission’s socially exposed users.

«We like the message. We’re really just a bunch of old lads doing what we like, and it’s inspiring to feel, that even at our age there is no lack of energy in our musical output, and to see that people actually have a great taste for it. So I guess it is never too late to be a rock star,« says the ever-humorous Don Powell.

Never mind the name, the band members are no strangers to the big stages. Taken to together the members of Don & The Dreamers appear on more than 1000 different albums, EP’s and singles.

True to their background, most tracks on the upcoming album are played «out of the box» with only a few added features such as gospel singers, saxophones, harmonica, as well as organ by the true rock legend Mick Gallagher (Animals, Clash, Blockheads).
The album also includes the already released «Far Far Away», a cover of Don’s favourite song from the Slade days. While the song in general received positive reviews, it also sparked some drama, as a smaller part of the old Slade fans went mad, so to speak, antagonistic to the fact that it wasn’t Noddy on vocals.

Don Powell dominated the UK singles charts during the 1970s with Slade, often outperforming chart rivals such as Wizzard, T. Rex, Suzi Quatro, Roxy Music, and even David Bowie. Don featured on twelve Top 5 hit singles in the UK, three of which went straight to #1.
Until a few years ago Don still toured with the remains of Slade, which has filled over 50 years of his adventurous life. His autobiography «Look Wot I Dun» is worth a read. Since then he has had guest performances with Ringo Starr and Suzi Quatro, with whom he and Andy Scott of Sweet released an album and toured Australia in 2017.

The Dreamers: Living in Denmark, Don has chosen to play with established locals. These guys are among the foremost Nordic musicians, all veterans from classic Scandinavian no.1-hit-bands. Following a series of releases throughout 2022, the band established itself as a force to be reckoned with, generating radio plays across the globe, national TV placements and high praise across UK and US press.

Some gossip about The Dreamers’ international adventures:
Helge Solberg plays the bass. He’s played with American guitarist Billy Cross, who appears on Bob Dylan’s «Street Legal» and wrote songs for Bonnie Taylor. Helge has also worked with Rocazino, Nana and with Jørn Hoel. His wife was Jimi Hendrix’ last girlfriend, and has her own display case in the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle.

Knud Møller has been voted Denmark’s best rock guitarist more than once. He is performing with Hans Theessink, »the European Ry Cooder», who himself has recorded with Ry. Knud has scored for TV-series and produced and played on a lot of albums locally, i.e. Poul Krebs, Johnny Madsen and Peter Belli. He is on the top of all Danish rock festivals’ priority-list.

Henrik Littauer, keyboards and producer, lives in Tromsø, Norway, and was a part of the legendary Danish 1980’s band Malurt, who was once joined on stage by Bruce Springsteen singing “Hungry Heart” (Youtube). He has produced numerous albums for Nordic artists in various genres and composed for documentaries.

Erik Ove Andersen (Curly Eric) is a gifted blues/rockabilly singer with five solo albums behind him. He is a well-known character in Copenhagen, having founded several rock institutions, and other local initiatives. You can hardly find anybody who hasn’t played with him. Erik’s close friend Claus Bohling plays his late 1960’s rock guitar on six tracks of the album. His band Hurdy Gurdy gave name to a famous song by Donovan in those years.

DON & THE DREAMERS «It’s Never Too Late To Be A Rockstar»
Himalaya Sound/Wienerworld, vinyl: HMLLP2302/CD: HMLCD2302

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Don & The Dreamers - It's Never Too Late to Be a Rock Star

Don & The Dreamers - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood


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