Greenland Airports enjoy increased media coverage

Published  26/05-2015 by Rene Hjetting

Greenland Airports operate 13 airports and more than 40 helicopter landing sites throughout Greenland. They also run hotels, service businesses for mining and oil companies, duty-free trade and many other activities. They employ approximately 450 employees and their economic turnover is close to half a billion kroner.

Hans Henrik Lichtenberg, Communications Manager for Greenland Airports, says: "Greenland Airports has used MyPressWire since the start of 2013 to systematise contact with the press and specific target groups.

We also use MyPressWire´s consultants for strategic advice when sending material to the press. We use the tools on MyPressWire to categorise target groups, so that we can send information to the specific people and organisations that need it most.

Airport operations have high demands when it comes to the accuracy and punctuality of relaying information. In our experience, MyPressWire is not just a communications channel, but also a toolbox that supports our business endeavours of operating accurately and promptly.

And it is also worth mentioning that we now get more media coverage than ever before," concludes Hans Henrik Lichtenberg.

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