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12/02-14   -   Press releases

iBuyer - A new app released by Evolution 9 during Copenhagen International Fashion Fair 2014

Dennis Thomsen from "iBuyer" and Vipul Nandaniya from "Evolution 9"

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) is the greatest fashion fair from Northern Europe, having the first emergence on the Scandinavian fashion scene in 1993. There were countless brands housed under one roof.

Evolution 9 was absolutely delighted to see that their newly developed iPad app was exhibited during the fair. The app owner Dennis Thomsen (left side in the above photo) was happy demonstrating the app to the fashion buyers.

"Buying fashion Simplified".

The app offers fast & accurate fashion buying. It helps buyers to get rid of tedious photo capture, record maintenance and manual order processing.

iBuyer "Intelligent-Buyer" is an unique force buying tool for professional buyers of fashion. It helps you to categorize your product range into a limitless list of self-organized distributors of your own choice.

It has an in built photo/order sheet function which helps you to keep track of all your buying and with the unique "star-rating compare" function. This make sure you are not buying the same style from more than one distributor. You can email your order either to a dropbox or directly to the distributor

App is offered with two different versions. You are encouraged to download using below links.

Free version

Paid Version

Evolution 9 is a mobile app & web solution development company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They believe in developing quality IT solutions for business needs. Their expertise spans across Mobility Solutions, Open source, Web solutions & Microsoft Stack - There is a scope of synergy to work in a win-win model to help companies meet up their client's diverse need across technologies.

At present, the company is focused in countries such as US, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and they aim to render services worldwide. Feel free to get in touch with Evolution 9 at

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