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26/04-14 - Press releases

IT Job Hunting

Vipul Nandanyia from Evolution 9 speaks to 40 highly motivated and engaged international IT-professionals at International House Copenhagen

24/04-14 - Press releases

Experience as a foreign entrepreneur

Evolution 9 presented the topic "Experience as a foreign entrepreneur" at an event organized by Municipality of Frederiksberg

23/04-14 - Press releases

How to think globally

Vipul Nandanyia from Evolution9 presented various key points on Globalization during 4th Nordic Conference at Stockholm. Covering essential topics such as Diversity, Glocal, Serving attitude, Use of technology in Mode of Goodness, 3D (Dream-Dare-Deliver) with a vision of ancient sanskrit text "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" which means "The whole world is one single family".

12/02-14 - Press releases

iBuyer - A new app released by Evolution 9 during Copenhagen International Fashion Fair 2014

Dennis Thomsen from "iBuyer" and Vipul Nandaniya from "Evolution 9"

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