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26/04-14   -   Press releases

IT Job Hunting

Vipul Nandanyia from Evolution 9 speaks to 40 highly motivated and engaged international IT-professionals at International House Copenhagen

International House Copenhagen is a public-private partnership aimed to sustain international citizens and companies to get a good start in Copenhagen.

One of their main focuses is to match talents with businesses, making it easier for people to be successful in their career. At the same time they want to encourage more people to choose Copenhagen as their next destination, trying to offer all the information they need before and also after arrival.

Being new in a country is not easy. You have to face many barriers and changes that maybe you did not even expect. So to say, it is moreover like being out of your comfort zone. Because International House Copenhagen understands that, they organize many events where both international entrepreneurs and professionals are invited to engage with each other, sharing their own life stories and being inspired by those of others.

Vipul Nandanyia, the CEO of Evolution 9, a Danish IT company that is successfully running since March 2012, was one of the speakers at ICH event placed on 6 March. With an interesting background, moving to Denmark to excel in his IT career, he was pleased to share his ideas and experiences with other 40 highly motivated IT-professionals.

The CEO of Evolution 9 addressed IT professionals in different situations: Never applied for a job in Denmark, Applied but no response, Applied and response, already worked. He shared Do

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