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CEWE facing the corona crisis after a good year in 2019

03-04-20 - Press releases
▪ Annual Report press conference: 2019 turnover increases by 10.1% to 714.9 million euros; EBIT of 57.8 million euros at the upper end of the target corridor ▪ New sales record: more than 6.6 million CEWE PHOTOBOOKS sold in 2019 ▪ Eleventh consecutive dividend increase proposed: 2.00 euros per share ▪ CEWE equipped for potential effects of the corona crisis with a strong balance sheet

CEWE clearly on track to reach targets after Q3

14-11-19 - Press releases
Turnover increases by 8.9% to 423.2 million euros (Q1-3 2018: 388.8 million euros). CEWE PHOTOBOOK exceeds expectations for growth in Q1-3. CEWE optimally prepared for Christmas business: CEWE PHOTOBOOKS, CEWE CALENDARS and other photo products make ideal, very personal Christmas gifts

CEWE with another increase in turnover in the first half of 2019

14-08-19 - Press releases
 Turnover increases in the first half of the year by 7.6 % and EBIT is improved by 2.2 million euros<br />  The core business segment of photofinishing grows by 11.3 % to 200.8 million euros<br />  CEWE PHOTOBOOK sales increase by 8.3 % to 2.57 million copies sold<br />  EBIT annual target of up 58 million euros confirmed for 2019<br />

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