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Pressrelease    11/04-14
Efficient investment management strategy offered by Group-L Group of Companies
Successful Group-L investment consultant gives financial recommendations, invests and manages the assets together with the clients and for the clients on the territory of the CIS, USA and Europe.
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Pressrelease    27/02-14
Product innovation secures strong 2013 result for the LEGO Group
2013 result for the LEGO Group. A successful launch of LEGO® Legends of ChimaTM, continued success for LEGO Friends and strong performance from classic lines, such as LEGO City, contributed to a very satisfactory annual result for the LEGO Group.
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Pressrelease    24/02-14
Royce Motor Cars announces record levels of bespoke sales around the world in 2013
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars today revealed that its Bespoke business has become more successful than ever with content on its range of super-luxury cars reaching new heights in 2013. Almost 95% of cars purchased last year were personalised by their owners, reinforcing the claim that Rolls-Royce is the go-to luxury carmaker for the connoisseur who demands the best in individualisation.
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Pressrelease    10/12-13
New ebook: Billionaire on Skype
Pressrelease    08/01-13
New Year rally starting to fade
Pressrelease    03/09-12
Aussie starts the week on back foot
Pressrelease    31/08-12
Dollar slips back as gold leads
Pressrelease    28/08-12
Yen in commands as traders eye Fed
Pressrelease    05/07-12
Markets cautious ahead of data deluge
Pressrelease    19/06-12
Euro worries persist despite bailout
Pressrelease    15/06-12
Yen leads as traders eye Greek elections
Pressrelease    14/06-12
Traders wary after Spanish debt downgrade
Pressrelease    12/06-12
Markets recover, but doubts remain.
Pressrelease    31/05-12
Markets stable, but wary after plunge
Pressrelease    29/05-12
Markets cautious but stable
Pressrelease    28/05-12
Solid start to the week
Pressrelease    25/05-12
Optimistic start for markets
Pressrelease    14/05-12
Germany ready to do whatever it takes
Pressrelease    08/05-12
More downside pressure for markets
Pressrelease    02/05-12
China manufacturing boosts markets
Pressrelease    19/04-12
Traders await Spanish bond auction
Pressrelease    03/04-12
Firm start as euro heads higher
Pressrelease    28/03-12
Yen in control after late evening slump