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Pressrelease    14/08-19
CEWE with another increase in turnover in the first half of 2019
 Turnover increases in the first half of the year by 7.6 % and EBIT is improved by 2.2 million euros  The core business segment of photofinishing grows by 11.3 % to 200.8 million euros  CEWE PHOTOBOOK sales increase by 8.3 % to 2.57 million copies sold  EBIT annual target of up 58 million euros confirmed for 2019
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Pressrelease    14/05-19
CEWE: Increase in sales and earnings in Q1 2019
• CEWE PHOTOBOOK sales grow by a considerable 6.9 % to 1.334 million books • Increase of 7.5 % in turnover to 140.4 million euros • EBIT increases by 1.7 million euros over that of the same quarter of the previous year, to 1.9 million euros • 2019 forecasts confirmed: EBIT is to increase to up to 58 million euros
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Pressrelease    02/05-19
CEWE Concludes Agreement to Purchase Wall Art Specialist “WhiteWall"
CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA (SDAX, ISIN: DE 0005403901) has concluded an agreement to purchase WhiteWall Media GmbH, located in Berlin and in Frechen near Cologne. The core business of WhiteWall lies in sophisticated gallery-quality wall art. WhiteWall enjoys an excellent reputation with professional and amateur photographers thanks to its outstanding product quality.
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Pressrelease    26/02-19
OSPEL embraces new 2019 interior designer trends
After years of undisputed reign of minimalism and restraint of Scandinavian style, in 2019 the interior design industry takes a new and exciting direction. The Italian and German annual designer fairs surprised visitors with bold arrangements, a fresh palette of colours and organic decorative motifs.
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Pressrelease    06/12-18
ARIA leads out of the darkness
The latest collection of OSPEL light switches with a sparkle.
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Pressrelease    06/11-18
Wine Owners hits $1bn milestone
The Wine Owners platform organises and tracks the personal wine collections of high net worth collectors and wine enthusiasts globally.
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Pressrelease    29/11-17
Wine Owners releases 2018 fine wine market predictions
Wine Owners, the global fine wine collection management platform and peer-to-peer trading exchange, has released its market performance data for the last year and predictions for 2018.
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Pressrelease    11/10-17
Private wine collector storage leader in USA selects Wine Owners
Wine Owners, the fast-growing fine wine collection management software and peer-to-peer trading exchange, has today announced a new implementation of its white labelled wine management platform (WMP) at Nest Egg Wine Collections, Western Carriers Inc.’s state-of-the -art storage facility for their sophisticated wine collector business.
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Pressrelease    11/10-17
Minimalist loft design continues to thrive in design world
New York's prestigious style of the 1960s continues to resurge in many creations of present-day designers. Sixties introduced cutting-edge fashion and rebellious trends in home decoration. This iconic type of décor, skilfully promoted by TV dramas like Mad Men, merges today with crude and industrial look, so popular in the Irish interior design market.
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Pressrelease    25/08-17
Wine Owners opens up drinking windows into the world of fine wine
Wine Owners the fast-growing fine wine collection management platform and peer-to-peer trading exchange, has today announced a major enhancement to drinking ranges for its members.
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Pressrelease    01/06-17
CSIS Security Group A/S Poised for Growth in Anti-eCrime Business in UK
Increasingly sophisticated cyber threat drives decision to strenthen presence.
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Pressrelease    24/03-17
New online proofing security standard
Forget about unsecured emails. Get your documents approved faster through an ISO 27001-certified secure online platform that minimizes costs.
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Pressrelease    13/03-17
Lyd [Sound] by Dissing launching danish on wall speaker in USA; via
It is now possible to acquire the danish Copenhagen On Wall hand crafted high end on wall speakers in USA. Lyd by Dissing's [Sound by Dissing] speakers are made available to the American marked through the platform.
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Pressrelease    16/02-17
Fashion: Danish start-up to help out Top 3 polluting industry
The clothes that we all wear is produced by an industry among the biggest environmental sinners in the world. A Danish start-up now offers a path to increased sustainability and happier customers, introducing a cradle to cradle mind-set heavily requested by the industry.
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Pressrelease    19/01-17
Market leader launches subscription model for ebook and audiobooks
Norwegian market leader in ebook and audiobook sales, EBOK.NO, has launched a new subscription service for ebooks and audiobooks, EBOK.NO Pluss. The price is NOK 149 (about € 16.5) for the "˜all you can read' solution. The new subscription model is an add-on relative to the individual book sales that EBOK.NO is known for.
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Pressrelease    01/12-16
Bargain Blinds Celebrates the official opening of its new Showroom
Bargain Blinds, the leading manufacturer of quality blinds in Dublin, announced it would be opening its showroom in Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Dublin. 1st of December.
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Pressrelease    03/12-15
Give yourself a classic car for Christmas and let BookAclassic pay for it
Indulge in exciting experiences with your new classic car. BookAclassic has delivered classic vehicles to films and commercials, giving the owners an unforgettable experience and money to take home. We register suitable cars for a variety of assignments that in just a few years could pay back your investment.
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Pressrelease    28/09-15
Becomes Norways market leader of classic car rental in 9 months!
Europe's leading portal for rental of classic and unique dream cars becomes market leader of Norway in just nine months.
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Pressrelease    24/08-15
Book A Classic Dream Car - BookAclassic launches in Sweden
Europe's leading site for renting classic and unique dream cars has launched in Sweden: Their next step is to form partnerships with Swedish museums, local limousine companies and strategic car businesses to become a market leader.
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Pressrelease    26/06-15
Classic cars are everywhere these days, BookAclassic takes on Europe
What do you and James Bond have in common? Probably not much. But now you can easily drive the same Aston Martin thanks to - the leading portal for rental of classic and unique dream cars.
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Pressrelease    20/05-15
The War Ends May 20th, 2015 at 2 p.m. CEST
The battle of the sublime domain name is over! Business owners nightmares regarding cases of domain disputes, that brand-lawyers make a lavish amount of money on, has been sent off for counting. One Registry opens up for the brand new and completely empty top-level domain: .one.
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Pressrelease    28/04-15 Receives Growth Equity Investment from Accel-KKR and ATP PEP
Investment to Support U.S. Launch by Europe's Leading Provider of Web Hosting Services and Domain Names and Deepening of Solution Offering
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Pressrelease    13/10-14
Digital expert from world largest publisher joins Danish e-book success story
Leading digital expert Nathan Hull from the world's largest trade publisher, Penguin Random House, joins Danish e-book success Mofibo as Chief Business Development Officer, where he is going to predict as well as create the digital future.
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Pressrelease    30/09-14
New album from Anne Lykke Langloe - original recorded retro-pop
Joni Mitchell meets the Beatles in Anne Lykke Langloe's re-launch of the 12 songs she sang and composed between '78 and "˜80.
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Pressrelease    22/07-14
Grow your business - the smart way
BeeTooBee is a new global website for businesses looking to grow - the smart way. Find clients or outsource projects online and save time and money. BeeTooBee not only challenges the way you do business, but their business model aims to use business as a driving force to challenge global social and economic imbalances.
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Pressrelease    03/07-14
StockonDeals announces strategic partnership with Dachser
Dachser delivers logistic solutions to StockonDeals customers.
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Pressrelease    03/03-14
Babyready?: Dating site for broody singles launches in UK
A new dating site especially for broody men and women launches in UK.
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