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Pressrelease    21/01-13
Yen pushes higher ahead of BoJ meeting
Pressrelease    17/01-13
Multi-sensor data-fusion: DFS system
Pressrelease    15/01-13
Yen reverses, but for how long?
Pressrelease    08/01-13
New Year rally starting to fade
Pressrelease    19/09-12
A new sign system for Cisco
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Pressrelease    04/09-12
Theft protection of your valuables via SMS
Pressrelease    03/09-12
Aussie starts the week on back foot
Pressrelease    31/08-12
Dollar slips back as gold leads
Pressrelease    28/08-12
Yen in commands as traders eye Fed
Pressrelease    21/08-12
Spitfire - a new masculine luxury fridge
The new extravagant Spitfire is a unique world sensation, where masculine qualities are in focus. It represents the supremacy of retro refrigerators.
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