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Pressrelease    21/04-15
LEGO group among five most reputable companies in the world
The position among the most highly regarded companies is an acknowledgement of the LEGO Group's ability to create a strong bond with children and parents globally
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Pressrelease    17/04-15
LEGO Group celebrates significant increase in production capacity in Czech republic
The growth of the LEGO Group in recent years and its strategy to locate production close to its core markets have led to a further expansion of the Kladno factory in the Czech Republic, which employs 2000 people at present. The new production building covering 50,000 m2 was inaugurated on April 16th 2015.
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Pressrelease    10/03-15
Uni-Food Technic chosen as a supplier of new plant in North Carolina
The Danish producer of modern technological equipment for the food industry, Uni-Food Technic, is chosen to be the supplier of two major deliveries for a new RC Creations plant in North Carolina.
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Pressrelease    17/02-15
Investment in offshore wind farm lands its first power
The first Borkum Riffgrund 1 wind turbines off the coast of Germany have begun producing electricity. The wind farm will help the LEGO Group reach its goal of being based 100 percent on renewable energy by 2020.
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Pressrelease    21/01-15
Revolutionizing Technology for the Food Industry
With a newly launched double skinner, which makes it possible to create a new by-product when deep skinning salmon, Uni-Food has, with great success, produced intelligent and fully automatic technological equipment - reducing the need for labour costs.
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Pressrelease    20/01-15
Author Martin Bødker Fritzen has just released his new book: From Drug Addict to Role Model - How I overcame 13 years of drug abuse and addiction.
From 1995 to 2009, Martin was heavily dependent on drugs. When the abuse was at its peak, he took a toxic mixture of 40-60 pills, marijuana, alcohol, amphetamines and cocaine every day. He was completely consumed by the drugs. He lied to and stole from his family. He stole from his employer and was fired on multiple occasions. He was arrested, lost everything and almost died several times.
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Pressrelease    12/01-15
ioGates Signs Contract With Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
ioGates to Provide National Broadcaster With Easy-to-Use, Professional-Grade Cloud-Based Video-Sharing Platform
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Pressrelease    22/12-14
Dump your New Year's resolutions and reach your goals
The Danish high altitude Mountaineer Ivan Braun urges people to save time, hassle and the disappointments with New Year's resolution, and instead use the peace of Christmas to think through your goals. This way are you much closer in achieving your goals
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Pressrelease    13/10-14
Digital expert from world largest publisher joins Danish e-book success story
Leading digital expert Nathan Hull from the world's largest trade publisher, Penguin Random House, joins Danish e-book success Mofibo as Chief Business Development Officer, where he is going to predict as well as create the digital future.
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Pressrelease    08/10-14
The alpine club launches st martin uncovered - a blog on life in a ski resort
Boutique chalet operator The Alpine Club, which is based in the charming Trois Vallées resort of St Martin de Belleville, is launching a blog this season aimed at lifting the lid on life in a ski resort.
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Pressrelease    30/09-14
New album from Anne Lykke Langloe - original recorded retro-pop
Joni Mitchell meets the Beatles in Anne Lykke Langloe's re-launch of the 12 songs she sang and composed between '78 and "˜80.
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Pressrelease    09/09-14
Launch Nordic selects innovators to help revolutionize materials and manufacturing
IKEA Group, Novozymes, Kvadrat, leading scientists, investors and nordic gov. representatives will team up in Malmø to support nine Launch nordic innovators
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Pressrelease    22/07-14
Grow your business - the smart way
BeeTooBee is a new global website for businesses looking to grow - the smart way. Find clients or outsource projects online and save time and money. BeeTooBee not only challenges the way you do business, but their business model aims to use business as a driving force to challenge global social and economic imbalances.
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Pressrelease    03/07-14
StockonDeals announces strategic partnership with Dachser
Dachser delivers logistic solutions to StockonDeals customers.
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Pressrelease    27/06-14
Sponsorship of danish mountain climber will put Stibo Systems' flag on top of Mount Everest
Genuine raw manpower and faith in himself is what it takes for danish Ivan Braun to climb Mount Everest without bottled oxygen or any use of help above base camp. If he successes he becomes the first Dane at the top without the use of bottled oxygen. The professional climber has just signed a major sponsorship deal with Stibo Systems, and this adventure will put the IT company's flag on top of Mou
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Pressrelease    25/06-14
New winter wine & food tours from BKWine: Chile & Argentina, and South Africa
Two new wine and food tours are on the winter program from the wine tour specialist BKWine: Chile & Argentina, and South Africa. The tour to South America takes place in February and the South Africa wine tour is scheduled for March. Both tours include several winery visits and private tastings as well as gourmet meals, plus other attractions. The tours are led by two internationally recognised wi
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Pressrelease    23/06-14
The LEGO Group expands factory in Mexico to reach more children in North and South America
A 48,000 square meters expansion of the current LEGO factory in Mexico creates approximately 1000 jobs and enables the LEGO Group to better service core markets in North and South America.
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Pressrelease    26/05-14
ioGates provides video hosting solutions for Danish Broadcasting Corporation
In the months leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen in 2014, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR, needed to be able to upload and download large media files and subsequently share, edit and distribute them to editors, producers and filmmakers in the 37 participating countries.
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Pressrelease    28/04-14
Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark attended the celebration of new LEGO factory in China
Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Prince Consort of Denmark attended the ceremony marking the construction start of the factory in Jiaxing, China, which by 2017 will supply LEGO® products to all of Asia.
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Pressrelease    26/04-14
IT Job Hunting
Vipul Nandanyia from Evolution 9 speaks to 40 highly motivated and engaged international IT-professionals at International House Copenhagen
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Pressrelease    24/04-14
Experience as a foreign entrepreneur
Evolution 9 presented the topic "Experience as a foreign entrepreneur" at an event organized by Municipality of Frederiksberg
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Pressrelease    23/04-14
How to think globally
Vipul Nandanyia from Evolution9 presented various key points on Globalization during 4th Nordic Conference at Stockholm. Covering essential topics such as Diversity, Glocal, Serving attitude, Use of technology in Mode of Goodness, 3D (Dream-Dare-Deliver) with a vision of ancient sanskrit text "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" which means "The whole world is one single family".
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Pressrelease    11/04-14
Efficient investment management strategy offered by Group-L Group of Companies
Successful Group-L investment consultant gives financial recommendations, invests and manages the assets together with the clients and for the clients on the territory of the CIS, USA and Europe.
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Pressrelease    10/04-14
Autumn wine and food tours from BKWine Tours: Bordeaux and the Douro Valley
BKWine recently presented its program for the autumn wine and food tours for 2014. BKWine is a world leading tour operator specialised in wine, food and gourmet travel. The autumn program includes two tours to classic wine regions: Bordeaux and the Douro Valley in Portugal. The full programs are available on
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Pressrelease    09/04-14
New Danish 4-volume book maps human consciousness
Qvistgaard Publishing Releases "The Ringbearer's Diary": A Four-Volume Book Mapping Human Consciousness
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Pressrelease    07/04-14
New Cloud Computing Platform Provisions Servers in less than 30 seconds from £23.50
Established IT firm Xperience Group has launched a new cloud computing platform,, on 1st April 2014 which enables users to purchase, manage and provision servers in less than 30 seconds, from as little as £23.50 per month.
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Pressrelease    01/04-14
Boat holidays finally arrive in Denmark has become the first and only holiday operator to hire out modern motorboats for exploring the beautiful, clean fjords in Denmark.
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Pressrelease    18/03-14
Setting The Green Course
At SMM 2014, environmental protection takes a prominent place on the agenda. An entire day of the leading international maritime trade fair will be dedicated to gmec, the global maritime environmental congress, to study current trends in efficiency improvement and sustainability.
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Pressrelease    13/03-14
Opera Mini 8 brings private mode, night mode and new looks to Java-running phones and BlackBerry OS
Looking for a better mobile web experience on your basic phone or BlackBerry device? Opera Mini 8 is out now, with a restyled look and features that bring out the best in your mobile phone. Custom made for the Java platform on basic phones, Opera Mini has more than 250 million monthly users worldwide and now comes with more features than ever.
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Pressrelease    03/03-14
Babyready?: Dating site for broody singles launches in UK
A new dating site especially for broody men and women launches in UK.
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Pressrelease    28/02-14
Spring colours from Obaku
At the prestigious watch fair in Basel, Switzerland this spring, Obaku will show some of its best-selling ladies styles in eye-catching new strap colours. Orange and yellow are the colours that will prep you for a refreshing spring and summer.
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Pressrelease    27/02-14
Product innovation secures strong 2013 result for the LEGO Group
2013 result for the LEGO Group. A successful launch of LEGO® Legends of ChimaTM, continued success for LEGO Friends and strong performance from classic lines, such as LEGO City, contributed to a very satisfactory annual result for the LEGO Group.
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Pressrelease    26/02-14
A Danish Fairytale
In the past few years Danish watch brand, Obaku, has grown exponentially. The secret lies in having found a niche that works. From the land of famous fairytale author, Hans Christian Andersen, come the designers of Obaku. The two Danish gentlemen behind the Obaku watches are at the root of what has spiraled the established brand into a great upwards trend, creating their own fairytale to be told.
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Pressrelease    24/02-14
Opera browser debuts on Nokia X software platform
Nokia X customers get the best mobile surfing experience, from day one
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Pressrelease    24/02-14
Royce Motor Cars announces record levels of bespoke sales around the world in 2013
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars today revealed that its Bespoke business has become more successful than ever with content on its range of super-luxury cars reaching new heights in 2013. Almost 95% of cars purchased last year were personalised by their owners, reinforcing the claim that Rolls-Royce is the go-to luxury carmaker for the connoisseur who demands the best in individualisation.
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Pressrelease    14/02-14
Modulex aids burgeoning design talent
In 2013 Modulex entered into a cooperation with the at that time design student Osmund Olsen in connection with his final project at the Design School in Kolding. A cooperation that resulted in four beautiful and aesthetic lamps that are now being showed at the Light + Building exhibition in Frankfurt in Germany under the category "Young Design".
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Pressrelease    14/02-14
Concentrated Quattro - The new Audi S1 and S1 Sportback
Audi premium subcompact joins the S quattro family with the help of a new TFSI engine delivering 231PS via renowned all-wheel-drive system
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Pressrelease    12/02-14
iBuyer - A new app released by Evolution 9 during Copenhagen International Fashion Fair 2014
Dennis Thomsen from "iBuyer" and Vipul Nandaniya from "Evolution 9"
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Pressrelease    10/12-13
New ebook: Billionaire on Skype