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Pressrelease    29/01-24
Successful business closure: Now the machines can be yours
It's a voluntary closure, explains Michael Thomasen, director and co-owner of Braarup Maskinfabrik ApS. Now, the many machines need new owners. This will happen through an auction.
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Pressrelease    06/01-24
Embark on a journey through the final chapter of Danish maritime history with icebreakers
Dive into the nautical waves of Danish history with an exclusive opportunity to secure a maritime memento. Here is a unique chance to be a part of Danish maritime history by boarding the last voyage of the two iconic icebreakers, Danbjørn and Isbjørn, recently offered for scrapping.
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Pressrelease    06/03-23
Slade drummer Don Powell releases debut album
Don Powell returns to the stage with an energizing album full of powerful new interpretations of old rock classics, including the Slade fan favourite «Far Far Away».
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Pressrelease    03/01-23
Slade-drummer/founder Don Powell strikes again
Don & The Dreamers ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’, single-release Jan 6th 2023
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Pressrelease    04/11-22
Don releases his own "Far Far Away"
Slade founding member celebrates 50 years of the No. 1 album "Slayed" with the new band 'Don
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Pressrelease    14/09-22
Why every cleaning company in UK should know about this Danish software
A management software to improve the workflow of approximately 5%* of the UK workforce has finally crossed the British borders all the way from Denmark. The team behind the software aims to improve the productivity of cleaning companies, which have become increasingly more significant for society since the emergence of the COVID-19 virus.
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Pressrelease    08/06-22
Don Powell´s Wikings strike again
He sure is a big hero in Britain - “The Don” - original drummer and founder of the world-famous rockband Slade, which he just quite recently left, after some 50 years of glam.How could he possibly let down the UK, he loves so dearly?
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Pressrelease    12/12-21
New British/Scandinavian top retro-rockband's first single ready to hit
Slade-drummer Don Powell (75) has started a new supergroup with renowned Scandinavian oldstars. Debut-single is out now, and an album on the way.
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Pressrelease    23/11-21
Foreman Capital invests in DST CHEMICALS, an innovative specialty metal cleaner with global presence
Foreman Capital and the shareholders of DST CHEMICALS A/S have today reached an agreement on the acquisition of a majority stake in the company by Foreman Capital. Foreman capital will partner with the current shareholders and the existing management as minority shareholders to fulfil the growth ambitions of DST and build a global leading producer and distributor of eco-friendly metal cleaning products for degreasing, de-rusting and temporary corrosion protection.
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Pressrelease    20/10-20
Fast-growing proptech app business raises six figure investment for global expansion
MEGATREND INVEST and Vaekstfonden (the Danish state's investment fund) invest six figures in the software company IOspect for international growth of the app DomuSpect - digital moving reports.
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Pressrelease    22/04-20
Hanne Christensen appointed new CEO succeeding Øjvind Andersen Clement at FORCE Technology
As of 1 May 2020, Hanne Christensen will take up the position as President and CEO of FORCE Technology, the Danish research and technology organisation (RTO).
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Pressrelease    03/04-20
SallingPlast subcontractor for large project in Bangladesh
SallingPlast to supply 30 giant branch saddles for project in Bangladesh
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Pressrelease    03/04-20
CEWE facing the corona crisis after a good year in 2019
▪ Annual Report press conference: 2019 turnover increases by 10.1% to 714.9 million euros; EBIT of 57.8 million euros at the upper end of the target corridor ▪ New sales record: more than 6.6 million CEWE PHOTOBOOKS sold in 2019 ▪ Eleventh consecutive dividend increase proposed: 2.00 euros per share ▪ CEWE equipped for potential effects of the corona crisis with a strong balance sheet
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Pressrelease    02/12-19
New book: Finding the way to a woman’s heart
Why this e-book? As a starting-point men have some innate, genetic flaws. It is not their fault, but they can change them.
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Pressrelease    14/11-19
CEWE clearly on track to reach targets after Q3
Turnover increases by 8.9% to 423.2 million euros (Q1-3 2018: 388.8 million euros). CEWE PHOTOBOOK exceeds expectations for growth in Q1-3. CEWE optimally prepared for Christmas business: CEWE PHOTOBOOKS, CEWE CALENDARS and other photo products make ideal, very personal Christmas gifts
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Pressrelease    14/08-19
CEWE with another increase in turnover in the first half of 2019
 Turnover increases in the first half of the year by 7.6 % and EBIT is improved by 2.2 million euros  The core business segment of photofinishing grows by 11.3 % to 200.8 million euros  CEWE PHOTOBOOK sales increase by 8.3 % to 2.57 million copies sold  EBIT annual target of up 58 million euros confirmed for 2019
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Pressrelease    11/07-19
New loan comparison service sets to revolutionize online lending
Aarhus, Denmark - Danish fintech company LeadSupply A/S launches loan comparison service LoanScouter in 7 European countries, designed to make online lending easy and transparent. The new service will initially be available in Scandinavia, Finland, Poland, Spain and Croatia in their native languages.
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Pressrelease    12/06-19
CEWE: dividend increases for the tenth time in succession
• Annual General Meeting decides to raise dividends to EUR 1.95 per share • Shareholders earn a dividend yield of 3.1 % on the basis of the price at the end of 2018 • Sales and earnings to continue to increase in 2019: Q1 confirms annual targets
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Pressrelease    14/05-19
CEWE: Increase in sales and earnings in Q1 2019
• CEWE PHOTOBOOK sales grow by a considerable 6.9 % to 1.334 million books • Increase of 7.5 % in turnover to 140.4 million euros • EBIT increases by 1.7 million euros over that of the same quarter of the previous year, to 1.9 million euros • 2019 forecasts confirmed: EBIT is to increase to up to 58 million euros
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Pressrelease    02/05-19
CEWE Concludes Agreement to Purchase Wall Art Specialist “WhiteWall"
CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA (SDAX, ISIN: DE 0005403901) has concluded an agreement to purchase WhiteWall Media GmbH, located in Berlin and in Frechen near Cologne. The core business of WhiteWall lies in sophisticated gallery-quality wall art. WhiteWall enjoys an excellent reputation with professional and amateur photographers thanks to its outstanding product quality.
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Pressrelease    04/04-19
CEWE planning more growth in 2019 as well
Sales of CEWE PHOTOBOOK exceed expectations. Corporate targets all reached in 2018: turnover and EBIT each increase by around 9 %. Tenth consecutive dividend increase: 1.95 euros per share. 2019 forecast: turnover to rise to between 655 and 690 million euros, and EBIT to between 52 and 58 million euros.
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Pressrelease    26/03-19
CEWE increases dividend for tenth consecutive year
Board of Management and Supervisory Board propose a dividend of 1.95 euros per share. Dividend yield of 3.1 % based on the 2018 year-end share price. Corporate targets all reached in 2018.
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Pressrelease    26/02-19
OSPEL embraces new 2019 interior designer trends
After years of undisputed reign of minimalism and restraint of Scandinavian style, in 2019 the interior design industry takes a new and exciting direction. The Italian and German annual designer fairs surprised visitors with bold arrangements, a fresh palette of colours and organic decorative motifs.
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Pressrelease    08/02-19
CEWE achieves all its corporate targets for 2018
CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA (SDAX, ISIN: DE 0005403901) reached its turnover and profit targets for the financial year of 2018. Preliminary calculations show a 9.0% increase in turnover, to 653.3 million euros (2017: 599.4 million euros, turnover target for 2018: 630-665 million euros). CEWE achieved this through positive growth in the CEWE PHOTOBOOK and other photo gifts in the Christmas season. Thi
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Pressrelease    06/12-18
ARIA leads out of the darkness
The latest collection of OSPEL light switches with a sparkle.
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Pressrelease    06/11-18
Wine Owners hits $1bn milestone
The Wine Owners platform organises and tracks the personal wine collections of high net worth collectors and wine enthusiasts globally.
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Pressrelease    08/10-18
Changes to FORCE Technology's board of directors
After a period of consideration, the board of directors and Ernst Tiedemann have agreed that now is the right time for the board of directors to have a new chairman.
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Pressrelease    19/09-18
Audio startups, Denmark is now home to Europe’s most ambitious sound tech accelerator
Located in the heart of Denmark, Sound Hub Denmark is now ready to help startups from all over the world in their journey to become the next sound and audio superstar. And with unique facilities such as a robustness lab, listening, and power test rooms, and a speaker measurement cube the road to success has a new, sweet tune.
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Pressrelease    19/09-18
Take us to the next level of digitized construction
With the public invitation to tender the new Danish hospital by Herzog & de Meuron and Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects follows a clear message: Take us to the next level of digitized construction.
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Pressrelease    18/09-18
New research project guarantees video and sound quality for the future
Bang & Olufsen a/s, DTU, and FORCE Technology are at the helm of a new pan-European research project to guarantee users better video and sound quality in the future. The RealVision project is supported by the EU. In addition to the three leading audiovisual players in Denmark, the project also includes partners from such countries as France, England, Germany, and the US.
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Pressrelease    21/03-18
The Danish Road Safety Agency retracts amended guidelines on Trailer MOT in Denmark
Tyre sealants are allowed in Danish registered trailers with immediate effect.
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Pressrelease    13/02-18
Westlake Tyres negotiates substantial tyre agreement with TIP Trailer Services in Scandinavia
Westlake Tyres, produced by the World’s largest Tyre Manufacturer Zhongce Rubber, and TIP Trailer Services Nordic, one of the largest European transport equipment leasing companies, have come to an agreement for the purchase and use of a significant amount of Westlake Tyres.
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Pressrelease    01/02-18
Accelerace takes in 21 growth companies from 6 nationalities for 8-months of business acceleration
Accelerace has just accepted 21 startups for their five accelerator programs within tech, cleantech, foodtech and life sciences (biotech and medtech). The 21 startups are from Finland, Ireland, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy and Denmark and are selected from over 6’000 screened startups.
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Pressrelease    12/01-18
Accelerace raises $1.7 million investment to help startups succeed
Accelerace has secured a $1.7 million investment from Færchfonden, The Danish Growth Fund and Symbion endorsing the valuable contribution Accelerace makes to the startup community. This investment will provide the additional resources Accelerace needs to expand its services to entrepreneurs. In particular, its consultancy, mentorship, access to industry experts, investors and larger corporations.
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Pressrelease    05/12-17
Bandholm Hotel wins European Luxury Hotel And Restaurant Of The Year 2018 Award
The internationally acclaimed Luxury Travel Guide has just pronounced Bandholm Hotel the winner of their coveted LTG Awards 2018 in the category "European Luxury Hotel And Restaurant Of The Year 2018".
Pressrelease    29/11-17
Wine Owners releases 2018 fine wine market predictions
Wine Owners, the global fine wine collection management platform and peer-to-peer trading exchange, has released its market performance data for the last year and predictions for 2018.
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Pressrelease    24/10-17
Danish start-up launches international partnership to prevent and treat diabetes through social media
The Team Type 1 Foundation and Danish-based software company 7peaks are launching a four-week challenge to bring together people affected by diabetes in a positive and empowering way to improve the quality of their lives.
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Pressrelease    11/10-17
Private wine collector storage leader in USA selects Wine Owners
Wine Owners, the fast-growing fine wine collection management software and peer-to-peer trading exchange, has today announced a new implementation of its white labelled wine management platform (WMP) at Nest Egg Wine Collections, Western Carriers Inc.’s state-of-the -art storage facility for their sophisticated wine collector business.
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Pressrelease    11/10-17
Minimalist loft design continues to thrive in design world
New York's prestigious style of the 1960s continues to resurge in many creations of present-day designers. Sixties introduced cutting-edge fashion and rebellious trends in home decoration. This iconic type of décor, skilfully promoted by TV dramas like Mad Men, merges today with crude and industrial look, so popular in the Irish interior design market.
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Pressrelease    25/08-17
Wine Owners opens up drinking windows into the world of fine wine
Wine Owners the fast-growing fine wine collection management platform and peer-to-peer trading exchange, has today announced a major enhancement to drinking ranges for its members.
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Pressrelease    01/06-17
CSIS Security Group A/S Poised for Growth in Anti-eCrime Business in UK
Increasingly sophisticated cyber threat drives decision to strenthen presence.
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Pressrelease    30/05-17
Join the design revolution to enable Circular Economy
Imagine a world where every product was a service. A future of zero ownership. A future where all products were designed to last, to be reused, repaired and recycled keeping products and materials in the loop. It sounds amazing, right? This year LAUNCH invites up to 10 innovators to join a design revolution to help make Circular Economy a reality.
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Pressrelease    17/05-17
Boatflex will Support Vegvisir Archipelago Race
The boat rental platform Boatflex and sailing event designers Shorthand Event Content Marketing join forces on the new international sailing event Vegvisir Archipelago Race.
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Pressrelease    28/03-17
FORCE Technology wins global corrosion award
Yesterday, FORCE Technology was awarded the 2017 MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award for its new and innovative sensor, FiGS®. The award was presented during CORROSION 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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Pressrelease    24/03-17
New online proofing security standard
Forget about unsecured emails. Get your documents approved faster through an ISO 27001-certified secure online platform that minimizes costs.
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Pressrelease    21/03-17
Ultra-Seal further expands its reach with new large OEM customers Schmitz Cargobull and Kögel, and Danish and Belgian distributors Europart and Eurotyre
Schmitz Cargobull and Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co. KG started filling tyres with Ultra-Seal from the factory
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Pressrelease    13/03-17
Lyd [Sound] by Dissing launching danish on wall speaker in USA; via
It is now possible to acquire the danish Copenhagen On Wall hand crafted high end on wall speakers in USA. Lyd by Dissing's [Sound by Dissing] speakers are made available to the American marked through the platform.
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Pressrelease    01/03-17
Dantherm Group acquires the Master Climate Solutions Group (MCS) in Italy
Effective February 2017, Dantherm has acquired the Master Climate Solutions Group (MCS) in Italy from the Italian private equity firm Alcedo SGR. MCS is headquartered in Italy with subsidiaries in Poland, Russia, Spain and China.
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Pressrelease    16/02-17
Fashion: Danish start-up to help out Top 3 polluting industry
The clothes that we all wear is produced by an industry among the biggest environmental sinners in the world. A Danish start-up now offers a path to increased sustainability and happier customers, introducing a cradle to cradle mind-set heavily requested by the industry.
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